Jan. 2: Water Now Safe To Drink

Here are five things to know about today in Half Hollow Hills.

1. The Dix Hills Water District yesterday afternoon after an additional 21 samples tested negative for coliform bacteria, which was found in .

2. The Half Hollow Hills School District will reopen tomorrow. We hope you all enjoyed your Winter Recess!

3. Year 2011 was a big one in Half Hollow Hills. Remember shoveling the driveway week after week this time last year? The name Irene is still on some people's lips after the tropical storm left hundreds powerless for days, and what about that earthquake? Take a look back at our.

4. Looking for some indoor activities to do as a family this winter? We have some .

5. How will the affect local schools? The district will hold its second informational meeting on Wednesday Jan. 4 from noon - 1 p.m. at the to discuss its implications.


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