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The Winter Waltz: Snow Comes Early This Year

Snow falls before winter arrives in Dix Hills.

And so the snow decided to fall early here in Dix Hills. No one was prepared for this one.

Cars spinning around and ending up on the side of the road facing the wrong way. I myself call this "The Waltz of Winter." Car after car, they spin and do a dance just as if it's a waltz.

I believe that the one thing that many people were concerned with when the snow fell was the fact that many high school seniors drive. I personally know how to drive in the snow but that doesn't mean that everyone does.

The parking lot at school was not even plowed, which caused a problem because the students were not able to see the lines for the parking spots. Not only was the parking lot not plowed but the streets that the students take were not plowed either. This is extremely dangerous for both adults and students who drive in the early morning. 

Most importantly, there was a sheet of ice under the snow, which drivers were not able to see, causing even more of a problem because if you hit that black ice, you get to have the pleasure of doing "The Waltz of Winter."

Maybe the next time the weather decides to throw snow at us, we will be prepared and the roads will be more suitable for those who have to drive on it in the early morning. This way none of us have to take part in "The Waltz of Winter."


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