Weird News of Week: Beach Boy Phony, Sinkhole Swallows Tire

Some stories are downright strange. Here's our wrap-up from around Northern Suffolk and the East End.

As a local news organization, Patch covers stories of all kinds, from heartbreaking tragedies to inspiring tales of community brotherhood. But some stories are just plain weird. Here are some of the stranger headlines from the past seven days.

An otherwise perfect in Riverhead last week turned into a circus of weird when a local woman charged the stage to announce that she would be appearing on the hit talent show, American Idol. Locals applauded and local journalists rushed in to get the scoop. Unfortunately, it was a lie. Turns out the woman was approached by someone claiming to be Beach Boy Mike Love. He told her American Idol was rigged and that her lack of vocal talent would not be a problem since the show employees trick microphones to give competitors good voices.

Commenters on Patch suggested that the imposter has been pulling similar scams on the East End for a while. Our advice: Google before going gaga.

Sadly, issues of burglary in the communities we cover arise again and again, and only a few times is the stolen property recouped. This time, however, a poorly thought-out plan spelled was good news for the victims when a Hampton Bays man was arrested this week and charged with burglary after cops say

Before the hot, hot heat came back this week, the region was awash with rain, flooding streets and even knocking out some power. But for one Springs man, the deluge meant some hefty auto repairs . Nobody was hurt, but the victim wants village inspectors to get to the bottom of what happened ... figuratively.

Well, it turns out they can. A Miller Place-Rocky Point Patch reader this week posted a blurb on the site asking if anyone was missing their mailbox. If you are, he's got it, but you won't believe where he found it. .


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