Hills Grad Goes to Hollywood on American Idol

Bryce Garcia of Dix Hills is competing to be the next big pop star on the hit series.

"You're going to Hollywood," were the words aspiring singer Bryce Garcia, a 2010 graduate of the Half Hollow Hills School District, always dreamed of hearing as a fan of the hit show "American Idol." He got his wish last week as judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson handed him a golden ticket to the place where dreams are made.

Patch caught up with the local talent to get the scoop on his experience on the show:

Patch: What convinced you to try out for American Idol?

Garcia: I’ve wanted to try out for American Idol since season one. Although, with my fear of singing in front of people, it seemed like a pipe dream. After performing more, in musicals and choir, I got more comfortable on stage. However, the ultimate push was from my parents and brothers. They have always pushed me to try out for the show and supported me in everything!

Patch: What was it like to be in front of Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson?

Garcia: It was like I was dreaming. I’m surprised I didn’t black out; I was so nervous. I remember thinking that Jennifer was just as beautiful in person as she looks on TV and that Randy did call me “dawg” right when I entered the room. I was really thirsty at the time, but once I started singing I felt a lot more comfortable. 

Patch: Who is your favorite of the judges?

Garcia: All of the judges are great! And I’m not just saying that, they really are. However, if I had to choose one I’d go with Randy. He’s the judge I grew up with and he gave me some really good advice. Not to mention he has a good sense of humor. 

Patch: Can you describe to me the feeling of when you got the ticket to Hollywood?

Garcia: It was incredible. All I can think about were the other seasons I watched where I saw idols like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry (even though he did not win) all run out of the room with their ticket not knowing that they’d go on to be super stars. I thought “I hope someone can say that about me one day.” It’s the chance of the lifetime and I plan on making the most of it. 

Patch: Who is your favorite American Idol winner?

Garcia: Carrie Underwood hands down. Not only it she gorgeous, she’s an incredible artist. 

Patch: What's Hollywood been like?

Garcia: It is my first time going to Hollywood. Hollywood’s a lot of fun. I‘ve met some awesome people who are great at singing. It is, of course, a little stressful at times, but what’s Hollywood week without a little stress here and there! Overall it’s been great!

Patch: What have you learned so far from this experience?

Garcia: So far I’ve learned that I have a lot more to offer as a singer than I thought I did. I’ve really stepped up my game as a competitive singer. 

Patch: Anything else you would like to add?

Garcia: Just thanks to everyone at home who has been sending me text, Facebook messages and more, I really appreciate all your support and hopefully I won't disappoint!

Jill Kaufman January 24, 2012 at 09:01 PM
Congratulations Bryce! What an amazing experience! I'm waiting for the day I am in the first row at your concert!
Janine McElhone January 25, 2012 at 04:03 AM


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