How to Go Bald

Complications, frustration, set backs, and their scientific link with accelerated balding. Here's my three cents on the matter.

First things first...   Just breathe.

I don't know about you, but sometimes when I'm trying to get things done there seems to be a never ending barrage of additional tasks and / or complications that come up in the process.  The most frustrating part is that just when things are going smoothly so enters many issues from stage left.  What should I do? I just want to pull my hair out!

Now hair can be a metaphor for many things and it's our natural reaction to just give up or slow down.  Either way we often end up making mistakes that put off our goals or keep us from getting there at all.  The trick is to simply slow down and take it easy; Breathe.

Realize that there are only three ways that the future can unfold:

  1. We can barrel through in hopes to break past the added issue(s).
  2. We can ignore the new issue(s).
  3. We can deal with the issue(s).


Everyone's limit before bursting is different, but I'm gonna have to say that the safest option lies behind door number 3.  Yet what is the best way to proceed with this option?

Try to zoom out and get a grasp of the whole situation.  What can afford to wait and what can't?  What is mandatory and what's optional?  People prize themselves with multitasking but it tends to harm and confuse more than help and is actually impossible for humans due to the way our brains are designed and function, as this 2 minute YouTube will explain.  We end up overloading our memory and overheating.  So why do we do it?

Maybe we like to feel like we've got it all together.  Maybe we wanna show off.  Maybe it makes us feel better about our own capabilities.  Regardless of intention remember it only harms.  Don't believe me?

Use your not-so-smart-phone and look something up or check your emails while your partner is trying to talk to you.  Do this after they've had a long day and you've been sitting around in the meantime.  Try not only to recite back what you've heard but comprehend it in your mind demonstrating an understanding and then give an adequate response...

I thought so.  You can't.

If anything like me I may have gotten you yelled at as well.  I apologize and please tell them it was my fault as well (then tell them I'm really funny and to read my blog daily so I make money).

When you get a good picture of what's going on and the workings of all the issues take things on one at a time.  It is a lot harder than it looks because it is our very instinct to try and get things done quickly and as 'efficiently' as possible.  Remember that you will benefit from doing this correctly and focusing, you'll also be the one to suffer from not getting things done or doing them half-assed, don't worry about others think of your load and how you're going about doing it; Does that even make sense?  If you are doing things for others remember it's better to get them done, and well, than have to apologize for making a mistake, being delayed, or not completing things at all.

Commit when you can.
Fulfill your commitments.
Turn down what you can't handle.

We all want to be the go to guy or gal who pleases and helps everyone but sometimes this simply isn't possible.

If you have absolutely no choice and a speed bump comes up then simply slow down and go over it, you wouldn't want to damage your suspension.  Don't put off sudden bills, tickets, or obligations thinking you'll take care of them later because you WILL forget about them.

Remember we only use a small percentage of our brain so don't think you're any exception to the rule.   Though I try, and claim it to be so at points, I find often I'm just as limited as the next person if not even more so.





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Jo Miller August 18, 2012 at 12:06 AM
Chris, excellent advice, However to stray a bit from your main point, your comment about hair pulling when stressed may lead to a psychiatric diagnosis if carried to the extreme. It is known as trichotillomania. Some people when stressed will pluck out their eyelashes, eyebrows and large patches of hair They may indeed become bald.. It may be that hair pulling, triggers the release of brain chemicals, known to alleviate anxiety. Without alternate strategies for coping with stress, the behavior may become compulsive Often this treated with medication Just thought you might be interested..
Chris Barcelo August 18, 2012 at 12:10 AM
That is pretty interesting Jo and thanks for the feedback. Always good to learn something new, I guarentee you I'll use that when I least expect it!
Valerie McKenna August 20, 2012 at 12:52 PM
Hi Chris: Loved your article. I will follow your advice. With the new school year approaching and many who volunteer through PTA, sports teams, etc., we all need to remember to breath and not take on more than we can handle and ask for help when needed. Everyone has a breaking point. Less can be more! Thanks again.
Chris Barcelo August 20, 2012 at 10:12 PM
Thanks for the feed back and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I try to post something daily at www.threecentadvice.com Again, thank you for taking time to let me know you like it.


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