Labate: Israel Should Take Responsibility For His Actions

Republican 2nd Congressional District candidate Steve Labate responds to ‘spin’ coming out of Israel camp.

The battle for New York's 2nd Congressional District has begun and so has the spin coming from the Israel Campaign. According to an email that was sent out by the Israel camp on February 21, it states that I have a "personal problem with Congressman Israel, not just a differing idea of a future America".

The absurdity of that comment makes me wonder what exactly Mr. Israel is thinking. As a 20-year Military Veteran and a Field Grade Officer in the Army Reserve, I do consider myself a fighter, but for Congressman Israel to twist my enthusiasm for our upcoming contest as a personal affront to him, is bewildering.

The reality is that we hit a nerve and Congressman Israel is attempting to deflect attention away from an abysmal voting record which is propelling our country to the point of near insolvency. I believe all voters have a problem with elected officials who do not take personal responsibility for their actions. In Congressman Israel's case, not only doesn't he take responsibility for his actions, he blames others for the problems he and his voting record have brought upon our country.

To a certain degree he may be right though, because I do take it personally when Long Islanders are losing their jobs as a result of the misguided policies advocated by Congressman Israel. I take it personal when Long Islanders are forced to leave the area due to high taxes and lack of jobs. I take it personal when Congressman Israel enthusiastically supports the signing into law of a healthcare bill, which is not only unconstitutional but is stifling the growth of small businesses here on Long Island. And yes, I do take it personal when career politicians like say one thing when in their district and then vote a totally different way when in Washington.

Mr. Israel, the blame game and politics of self destruction must come to an end.  As the Representative of New York’s 2nd Congressional District, I will not vilify opposing points of view, but will work on all sides of the political spectrum to bring jobs back to Long Island.  This is what it means to represent the people of Long Island and it is something that has been sorely lacking on Long Island for a long time.

Steve Labate

2nd Congressional District Candidate

Freedom First March 22, 2012 at 09:43 PM
INTEGRITY? You are talking about an Iraq War Veteran son. I know Col. Labate and let me assure you, you would do wise to not judge the character of a man you do not know. Now to your point of residence, your comment shows a clear lack of knowledge on the subject, so let me educate you. In a redistricting year, one only needs to reside in the county of the district in which you seek office. As for district shopping, had you been paying attention for the last 2 years, Col. Labate has been working to unseat Steve Israel since before the 2010 election, so it is not the district he is after, it is its incumbent. Next time know your facts and show some respect!
John Rennhack March 22, 2012 at 09:45 PM
I'm sure Labate would not move. He should run in his own district.
tom smith March 22, 2012 at 09:51 PM
@John Rennhack How dare you question the integrity of a Lt Col in the Army Reserve who has served his country courageously and honorably in combat. I have met Labate at various veteran’s organizations I’m involved in and if there is one take away from my interaction with him it’s that he is a man of unquestionable integrity. I’m pretty sure the veteran community will back him 100% whether he currently lives in the district or he moves there when he wins.
Robert Dann March 22, 2012 at 10:45 PM
Hey John: Sounds like you are an Israel plant. I would be very careful about challenging the integrity of Lt. Colonel Steven Labate. Apparently, integrity is a word you throw around rather casually especially when you are challenging a man who has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, the Rule of Law in a Civil Society. You might want to take a hard look and compare the integrity of the man you support and the miscreants he associates himself with for taxpayer hand outs both in and out of Congress. Should I mention Israel's morality but I digress. Lastly, while you attempt to demean Lt. Colonel Steven Labate, he has protected your rump for the last 20 years in addtion to serving a dangerous Iraqi deployment. Think twice when you attack a peron's integrity because I can assure you, good character always rises to the top especially that of Lt. Colonel Steven Labate!
Goin' Commando March 23, 2012 at 12:27 AM
Mr. Smith posted: " I’m pretty sure the veteran community will back him 100%" Sorry, Smith, you're wrong already; as a Vietnam Vet, and a retired O-5 (same as Labate), I intend to vote for Steve Israel who has been outstanding in his efforts for veterans. Someone's rank, and someone's war service, has little bearing on whether or nto they were the best candidate. John Kerry, a twice-decorated war hero from Vietnam, did not win, despite the fact that he was a brave patriot running against a Vietnam-avoiding chicken hawk who made surte he stayed stateside while in the Texas Air Guard.


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