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Sound Off: Weekly Recap

Valentine's Day, Whitney Houston songs, sobriety checkpoints and where to retire were the topics of discussion this week.

Here's the scoop on what readers were debating on Patch this week. You can click the links to the particular Sound Off to leave a comment on a topic. You can also vote in all of this week's polls at the bottom of this article.

Monday: Sound Off: Valentine's Day - Love It or Hate It?

There aren't many other days on the calendar that strike such a divide among the public as Valentine's Day. A special day of love and affection? Or an overly-commercialized spectacle? We asked readers if they love or hate Feb. 14. By a margin of 56-43 percent, readers voted "Hate it."

Reader comment: "I hate that some parents buy gifts for their kids for Vday like it is Xmas. Makes it harder for the rest of us who just buy choc hearts for our kids. My husband has it easy because I think flowers are a waste of money. Give me chocolate and I am a happy wife." - Marianne Bowden

Tuesday: What's Your Favorite Whitney Houston Song?

Whitney Houston died last Saturday at the Beverly Hills Hilton, where she was planning to attend a pre-Grammy Awards party hosted by her friend and mentor Clive Davis. As fans remember Houston, we asked readers to vote in our poll for their favorite song by her. The top vote-getter with 44 percent of the vote was "I Will Always Love You."

Reader comment: "Wow - there are so many gorgeous songs by that stunning woman with THE most beautiful voice. I voted for 'I Will Always Love You' because it left me speechless when I saw The BodyGuard, but am now reminded of One Moment in Time and so many others. She set the bar so high - singers today still struggle to get close to her level. I've been so sad these last few days. Her life should have been so much better..gone far too young. I hurt for her daughter now. Very, very sad." - Scotty

Wednesday: Should Sobriety Checkpoints be Outlawed?

New Hampshire lawmakers are currently considering a proposal to prohibit police from running sobriety checkpoints in the state, according to published reports. We asked readers if New York should consider a similar proposal to eliminate sobriety checkpoints. By a margin of 56-43 percent, readers said, "No," sobriety checkpoints should not be outlawed.

Reader comment: "If being worried that you may be stopped at a check pt for drunk driving prevents you from having that one more drink it is worth it. I say keep the check points. It is worth every life it saves." - Maureen

Thursday: Are the Golden Years Tarnished for NY Retirees?

New York is among the top 10 states to raise your kids, according to the Foundation for Child Development, but you better skedaddle before your golden years. The state is the eighth worst place to retire, according to rankings from TopRetirements.com. We asked readers if they plan to retire in New York. The top vote-getter was "No way! It's much too expensive. I'm leaving when I retire."

Reader comment: "I am a state worker and have worked for many years. Yes, I am expecting a SMALL pension when I retire that I paid into all these years. Hopefully, with my social security, it will be enough to stay here in NY, where the cost of living is way too high, and no perks at all. I have heard that PA is a great place to retire, and not too far from the kids and grandkids so if I just can't make it here after I retire, I may go to PA." - Hope Jackson



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