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Sound Off: Weekly Recap

Teens using social media, the 2012 presidential race and the best choice for Internet/TV on Long Island were the topics of discussion this week.

Here's the scoop on what readers were debating on Patch this week. You can click the links to the particular Sound Off to leave a comment on a topic. You can also vote in all of this week's polls at the bottom of this article.


A recent study by an international Christian relief and development organization suggests that teens who spend time on social media sites such a Facebook and Twitter have a better understanding of the needs of others. We asked you if the benefits outweigh the risks for teens using social media. Sixty percent voted no.


They are plenty of Long Island-centric debates, but when it comes to Internet and TV service (OK, and phone, but what's a landline?), the heavyweight battle is between Verizon's FiOS and Cablevision's Optimum. We asked readers which service was the best on the island and Verizon took the crown by a margin of 62-35 percent.

Reader comment: "I have had both Cablevision and Dish. Signed up for Verizon and love it. Cable always went out in the a.m. or storms. Dish . . . heavy rain and nothing! Verizon has yet to do this. Also have FIOS internet (fast) and "Voice" for phone. Best value for money."- Ella


On Thursday, it was time to check in once again on the pulse of the community when it comes to next fall's presidential election. We asked which candidate you were currently favoring. Barack Obama (37 percent) and Mitt Romney (35 percent) were the top vote getters.

Reader comment: "Ron Paul 2012 its time to vote for someone who belives in what he preaches .....has more than military support than all the other candidates put toghter ....and he will not be funded by any lobbyist all his funding comes from his supporters .........he has been pushing the same issues for years in congress he is never back and fourth on his votes .....think of a president that has a back bone and will do what he says." - Robert


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