Police: Teens Display Gun, Rob Man of Marijuana

Two teens robbed a man of marijuana in Babylon Village last Saturday night, police said. 

Marcin Malachowski, 18, of Lindenhurst, and Dylan Liekweg, 18, of Melville, displayed a gun during the robbery on Little East Neck Road at Westbridge Drive at 8:30 p.m. 

Both teens were arrested early Sunday morning and charged with second degree robbery. 

oldfed May 22, 2014 at 05:14 PM
Yep, let's legalize MJ, that's the ticket. But, but, but, those frisky little teen criminals will STILL rob those who bought this junk stuff if they don't have the money to get it legally @ CVS. Most of the dumb Leftists out there are peddling a false issue as usual. Time to stop this analogy about "the war on drugs" has been lost, so we might as well give in. Wrong, as a retired fed LEO I arrrested many drug dealers. Each one in prison means that at least 15-20 'customers' were not getting their fix. Most people think that you can win a war 100%. Not true. But legalizing this crap, then making others pay for treatment is irrational, like legalized gambling next door. Time to stop pandering to the losers of society...


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