Berland, Cook Win Town Board Seats

Incumbent Glenda Jackson loses bid for second elected term in office; Morrow finishes third.

Incumbent and newcomer   won Town Board seats Tuesday in Huntington.

Cook said the victory was bittersweet.

"I thought that we would do a little better and I was hoping that we would, but the people have spoken to me and they want something done," said Cook, after his victory speech Tuesday at the Thatched Cottage in Huntington. "I'm going to go out there and do everything I can at Town Hall from now on."

Cook received 18,794 votes to Berland's 18,358.

Berland, a Democrat, and Cook, an Independent Party member running on the Republican line, fought off a tough challenge from Huntington Bay Mayor who finished third. Incumbent finished fourth.

Jackson conceded the loss at Democratic headquarters in Huntington, saying that her experience on the board had been a learning experience, but "There’s no tears, everybody’s going to be okay."

Berland noted that the race had been rough but she was ready to return to service.

Morrow conceded defeat at the Thatched Cottage at about 11:30 p.m. The longtime Huntington Bay mayor finished a close third with 16,683 votes.

During the campaign, Cook, the owner of an asphalt and concrete company, promised to fight for lower the taxes and more affordable housing.

Morrow said he came up short, but did well.

"It's been a great couple of months, I met a lot of great people in Huntington and we still have to keep going to change the culture in Huntington," said Morrow. "For the people of Huntington, I hope they wake up and realize the corruption that is in our Town Hall."

In his speech, Morrow complimented Jackson.

"I don't agree with Glenda Jackson on anything, but I will tell you that over the course of the last six months I have gained an enormous amount of respect for her," said Morrow. "I hope Glenda continues to play a role in Huntington because her voice should be heard."

It was the culmination of a hard run for Cook who had  in September for the Republican nomination after ordered the candidate removed from the Republican ticket.

Jackson received 15,668 votes.

Candidate Votes Percent Districts Cook 18794 27.02 178 of 178 Berland 18358 26.39 178 of 178 Morrow 16683 23.98 178 of 178 Jackson 15668 22.52 178 of 178
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