Forum Set on Cardiac Emergencies

Town, hospital to offer advice on setting up emergency programs.

Huntington Hospital and the Town of Huntington are sponsoring a forum to educate residents about sudden cardiac arrest and the need to set up formal emergency response programs.

Medical experts on sudden cardiac arrest are scheduled to speak. And information on the steps needed to establish an  Automated External Defibrillators program for organizations, businesses or places of worship, will be provided.

Also scheduled to speak are Karen Acompora, co-founder of the Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation, and Melinda Murray, founder of the Dominic A. Murray 21 Memorial Foundation. Both women lost sons to sudden cardiac arrest and now lead efforts to raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and make Automated External Defibrillators readily accessible. Karen and Melinda will explain how their organizations can help with all aspects of establishing an AED program.

The forum will include personal accounts from residents who survived incidents of cardiac arrest – thanks to immediate CPR and the use of an AED. Joining the survivors will be heroes who applied their training and saved the lives of other victims.

The free event is scheduled for Oct. 30 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

Contact Don McKay at the Town of Huntington to register. He can be reached at (631) 351-3309 or dmckay@huntingtonny.gov.


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