New to Huntington Village: Multi-Space Parking Meters

Town of Huntington announces new multi-space parking meters.  Credit: Town of Huntington
Town of Huntington announces new multi-space parking meters. Credit: Town of Huntington

The next time you park in Huntington Village, take note of the town's new meters.

On Monday, new multi-space parking pay stations in Huntington Village were activated on Main Street and New York Avenue, along with the Huntington Long Island Rail Road Station.

The multi-space meters are part of a series of changes designed to improve parking in Huntington Village, according to the Town. Drivers can now expect:

  • a change in the hours for which metered parking is active (10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday-Saturday)
  • the designation of a primary and secondary metered parking zone, with different per-hour parking rates ($1 an hour for the primary zone, 50 cents an hour for the secondary zone)
  • an increase to three hours in the maximum a vehicle can remain parked at a spot

As a convenience to drivers, the multi-space pay stations accept both cash and credit cards. The Town is also finalizing the details with the company Parkmobile USA to allow motorists to pay for parking through a smart phone app. The multi-space pay stations are in effect in the primary zone. The secondary zone still has the traditional coin-operated meters. 

To help drivers become aware of the changes and to learn how to use the new pay stations, the Town designated some members of the Public Safety Department as “parking ambassadors,” who were available on New York Avenue and Main Street to provide assistance and to hand out a brochure with the relevant information. The brochure also includes a map of municipal parking lots in the Village, at which parking is free. The brochure will also be available at participating merchants in the Village and on the Town’s website, http://huntingtonny.gov.

The changes implement some of the recommendations contained in a study of parking in Huntington Village commissioned by a consortium that includes the Town, the Town of Huntington Economic Development Corp., the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce, the Huntington Village Business Improvement District and the Paramount Theater 

“The consortium continues to explore new ways to enhance the parking experience in Huntington Village, ranging from measures such as these that can be implemented quickly to others that require more time to investigate and plan,” Huntington Supervisor Frank P. Petrone said, in a press release. “I appreciate the hard work that has gone into this effort, and the continuing commitment of all the partners in the consortium to consider and implement innovative solutions to a long-standing issue.”

Among the other shorter-term solutions is improved signage to direct motorists to municipal parking lots. Petrone has also appointed a subcommittee of consortium representatives to look at questions surrounding a parking structure.

What do you think of the new parking meters? Are they an improvement? Tell us in the comments. 

Scott MacDonald May 08, 2014 at 07:59 AM
OK folks, I gave it a chance but the reality is, I don't enjoy having to walk a block to find the machine, then have to go back to the car, then go off again to where I need to go. It eats into one's time, and with kids, is a nightmare. Bottom line, it was stupid, and I find myself not wanting to go into town as often, despite having MANY friends who own shops, that I like to support. You guys just screwed our village in a big way. I hope whatever payoff you got builds you bigger pools. You can put happy smiling people in town shirts out there to help "transition" us all you want. If you really cared about your taxpaying townspeople, none of this would have happened, including the Paramount, which was the kiss of death for quality of life. I make a living in the music industry, and I STILL feel this way. 23 years in this town gives me a decent perspective, of how you've spit in the faces of people who chose to live here for reasons you are now wiping out.
Bob May 08, 2014 at 11:21 AM
Petrone has been pushing for a parking garage ever since he took office way back in the Pleistocene Epoch when he was still a Republican. Anytime politicians propose getting together with builders on a taxpayer funded project you've really got to pay attention to where the money is going. A nice retirement home in Florida?
Robert Pavelka May 08, 2014 at 08:58 PM
How come none of the store owners have anything to say about this disaster. This parking meter idea is going to destroy many of the business in this area. Its a shame the town feels a need to take more money out of its residence who vote them into office, I hope they remember this next election. Its about time we let the town know we are not going to be there own personal piggy bank. Its sad the residence just bow down to this disgrace. Like the one resident said " don't be such a tightwad its only a dollar". That attitude is why we are in this downward spiral today.
Heidi L. May 09, 2014 at 12:12 AM
This is just another way for the town of Huntington to get more money. I parked for 5 minutes and it cost me $1.00. I will never put my credit card in that machine again. If I want to put money in a machine I will go to Las Vegas. I will do my shopping elsewhere from now on.


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