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Residents Without Power Urged to Shut Main Breakers

Lindenhurst Village officials say important safety step needed as LIPA works to restore power to areas south of Montauk Highway.

The Village of Lindenhurst has once again posted some key utility updates for residents and Hurricane Sandy victims living South of Montauk Highway on its website.

The information - which was posted Friday, November 9, and shared with Lindenhurst Patch by Deputy Mayor Kevin McCaffrey - related to the mandatory electrical inspections announced on Tuesday by the Village, and by the Town of Babylon, along with other crucial Town updates.

(Other Babylon Town post-Sandy updates could be found on the Town's website here.)

This latest information provided by the Village also included details about the text messaging update service the Village began this week to keep residents updated in the aftermath of Sandy.

Tuesday's update also included information for National Grid gas customers, and Mayor Tom Brennan also told Patch on late Wednesday afternoon, "People are also starting to get their gas back there."

The mayor also said LIPA's been South of Montauk, to various houses, and the no-cost, but mandatory electrical inspections there have begun.

Meanwhile Friday's information read on the website here as follows:

"LIPA is planning to begin the process of powering up homes South of Montauk Highway.

"Residents where flooding occurred are urged to shut off the main breaker in their homes.

"Before turning the breaker back on residents are advised to contact a licensed electrician to inspect the integrity of the electrical system.

"Currently LIPA is determining when and where the repowering will occur.

"As soon as the information becomes available it'll be communicated on our website and text messaging system.

"This information is available on our website, www.villageoflindenhurst.com, and via our text message alert system by texting 'VOL' to 411247."

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Tina Christie November 09, 2012 at 06:06 PM
I live south of Montauk off lane street and nobody has been here doing anything this is very devastating for me and my family and my neighbors when are we going to get some heat and lights this is terrible that we are forgotten in the village if Lindenhurst. I worked for the village 15 years please someone help us we are freezing and getting sick.
Barbara Capella Loehr November 09, 2012 at 10:43 PM
I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I'll forward this to the Village, but call the Village at 631-957-7500, and sign up for storm updates via text message from the Village by texting VOL to 411247. I hope this helps. Stay safe and well.
UV ELECTRIC November 11, 2012 at 03:27 AM
Hello Tina Christie, If you can get hold of a generator I will hook you up at no charge. If anyone else in the area needs electrical work give me a call. I am a licensed/insured electrician. (631)860-4146 Good Luck


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