Should Smoking Be Banned in County Parks?

Vote on whether you would support a proposed law to prohibit cigarettes in Suffolk parks.

Those who smoke at a Suffolk County park might soon need to find another place to light up.

A bill introduced by Suffolk County Legis. William Spencer (D-Huntington) last month would ban smoking at all county-owned or operated parks and beaches possibly forcing those who enjoy cigarettes to abstain from firing up a smoke on county land. Spencer later amended his bill to allow smoking in some areas of Suffolk parks and beaches including parking lots and entry ways. Receptacles would be provided in smoking areas to help cut down on litter from cigarette butts.

“In an effort to limit the exposure of children to smokers, county law already prohibits smoking at county beaches," said Spencer, a Democrat. "It just made sense to amend the law to include county parks as well."

What do you think? Do support a proposed law to ban smoking at Suffolk County parks? Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

richard June 04, 2012 at 11:15 PM
No it should not. Littering is different. I think there should be a fine for throwing the cigarette out, however, if you clean up your butts then it shpuld be no problem. http://jokeofthedayblog.blogspot.com
Kim A June 04, 2012 at 11:50 PM
Do we live in a Communist country? These people are doing everything in their power to do away with those who smoke. Raise it to $10 a pack & we still smoke. Now put ridiculous bans out against us? This country was founded on tobacco. I am not inconsiderate of those who dont smoke. Why should those who dont, have any say over where I do it or how much I pay for them? You want to put bans out ? Go after the drunks killing people with their cars, Raise a bottle of vodkas (and all other booze) price the way you have our cigarettes and see the fight you'll get there. At least you would be targetting the right crowud. Get off our backs already!
Brian T Niessing June 05, 2012 at 01:14 AM
No. Whats next? No big gulps on the beach. When are we going to take a stand against Local and Federal government interfering with our iives? They mask all this garbage under "better health" but it all comes down to money. Insurance campanies do not want spend money on their clients. We pay good moneyfor insurance but the companies don't want to pay-out. They could care less about our health, it's all about the money. The times are hard. People are lossing jobs,homes and sprint. The working person has little left to enjoy. Does Spencer want to take this away too? We have people here who are hungry,homeless,and without jobs. Should'nt these be the issuse local gov. works on? What else do they want to take from us? We all want a clean and healthy place to relax and enjoy and this can be done by education not legistlstion. I smoke and I vote.
Stephanie jose June 06, 2012 at 12:19 AM
I do not smoke. With that said, I'm not oppossed to this bill mostly because of the litter aspect. Tax payers have to pay a lot of money to maintain the parks and if you ever go hiking (and are a lover of nature), there are a lot of butts all over. There are plenty of considerate people who understand how horrible an idea it is to throw a lit cigarette into bushes, but unfortunately there's a bunch of idiots too. And if you don't believe people throw butts on the ground, look right next to any receptacle for cigarettes- there are plenty still thrown on the ground and the garbage is right there. I do think it's silly to label this as safe for children, and it's kind I ridiculous that people can't smoke outside, but it's also ridiculous that people can't be considerate of how their actions affect others. Sorry to those who smoke and never litter, you get a bad rap. I'd label this an anti-litter law instead though.
Tre June 06, 2012 at 02:28 AM
I agree with Stephanie. Most of the people smoking liter all over and are very inconsiderate yet every once in a while you get a smoker who sees a child and puts the cigarette on the other side of them away from the child. The truth is government needs to get the hell out of our personal business yet parents also need to start raising a considerate generation because what we have now are mostly slobs.


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