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Town Board Candidate: Glenda Jackson [VIDEO]

Incumbent Democrat seeking second elected term.

Town Board member Glenda Jackson says it's been an honor and a priviledge to serve on the Huntington Town Board for the past six years and she hopes to continue with her work.

Appointed to the in February of 2006 to fill the vacant Town Board seat of Marlene Budd, Jackson was elected in November of that year to serve out the balance of the term.

Jackson, a single mother of one, is seeking her second elected term in 2011.

"Being a single parent, head of household, my persepective on the Town Board is a little different," said Jackson.

An insurance professional by trade, the incumbent Town Board Democrat said she will continue to hold the line on taxes, parks, environmental issues, the town's AAA bond rating and quality of life initiatives for seniors, young people and veterans.

Jackson said she is most proud to have sponsored recent cell tower preference legislation while on the Town Board. 

"We have to be mindful of our quality of life in our neighborhoods and in our communities," said Jackson. "We need to make prefereces as to where we are putting those cell towers to make sure that they are being put in places they are really needed."

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Robert Desmond November 08, 2011 at 12:21 AM
Let me begin by saying that I commend Ms. Jackson for not running as negative campaign as her Democratic counterparts have. That is where my kindness ends & accountability begins. Ms. Jackson you have had 6 years to make a difference in this town and you have. It's far worse then before you got here. I am sure that the downward momentum began long before you arrived but you supercharged our decent into outright rebellion by the tax paying voter against the Democratic machine which "jumped the shark" by siding with out of town special interest groups against the voter. Think of the arrogance here folks. She and Susan Berland took sides against the voter when we are the people that were scheduled to rehire them. Ms. Jackson after the first Avalon Bay proposal was voted down decided vent her displeasure at the outraged voter while sitting at her council podium. Are you kidding me? How many told their bosses to go to hell today? Her public behavior was foolish and is reason enough to voter her out. Ms. Jackson is from the insurance industry but failed to use here industry knowledge to help prevent illegal housing. I know Kim...What do you mean Mr. Desmond? Huntington Station is a property casualty underwriters worst nightmare. These slum lords insure multi dwelling homes as single family. Glenda, how many calls have you made to underwriters notifying them of their risk exposure? Her failure to use her industry knowledge it negligent. Ms. Jackson you are fired!
J. Christopher November 08, 2011 at 12:27 AM
not even worth the effort of a post.


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