Town Notebook: Recovering Costs Related to Abandoned Halesite Home and More

A county court judge appointed a receiver to ensure the home's safety hazards and code violations were remedied. Now it is seeking to be reimbursed for costs.

Neighbors of an abandoned house located by 3 Forest Court, Halesite came to the Town Board in May 2010 seeking help with the property, which had been abandoned mid-construction.

The neighbors said it was not only an eyesore but a safety hazard. The Town reached out to homeowners Jeanette and David Lagone and IndyMac Bank but they did not respond or make the home safe. In response, the Town Board filed a civil lawsuit against them in Suffolk County District Court.

Judge Stephen Hackeling issued an order appointing David T. Reilly, Esq., as temporary receiver for the purposes of taking possession of the house for the purpose of remedying nuisances or making repairs. At its most recent meeting, the Town Board unanimously authorized Town Attorney John Leo to enter in to a compensation agreement with Reilly and to seek recovery of the expenses form the owners. 

Boating Council Members Appointed
The Town Board appointed and reappointed members to the Town of Huntington Harbors and Boating Advisory Council. The committee members are: Jonathan Heidelberger, Esq., Dan Wolfe, Frank Knoll, George Devine, George Udalovas, Jon Ayers, Richard Puccinelli, Michael G. Gordon, Michael O'Rourke, Pamela Setchell and Russell Bostock.

According to the Town Code, the Harbor and Boating Advisory Council was created in 1970 for the purpose of promoting boating safety and advising the Town Board on matters relating to navigation and traffic and for the protection of natural waterways, with a balanced view towards boating, conservation and the general welfare of the town. The members are appointed by the Town Board and serve a five-year term in the voluntary position with no compensation. 

'Future City' Finalists
students Maayan Amiran, Rachel Anszelowicz and Sarah Haiken placed in the top five at the regional finals in the 2010-11 Future City competition. The students were given proclamations at the Town Board meeting. 

The Future City Competition is an annual competition that requires participants to create a virtual city by building a physical model using recyclable materials and designing a virtual version using electronic software.  The theme for this year's competition was improving health care; in addition to building a model city, participants were required to devise a product that would enhance the quality of life for an individual suffering from illness. 

Maayan, Rachel and Sarah created a mobile phone application that allows individuals with diabetes to check their blood sugar levels using attachable hardware. 

Funds Appropriated for Parks Improvements
The Town Board authorized the comptroller to appropriate funds from the General Reserve, Parks and Recreation Capital Improvement Reserve and Part-Town Reserve for projects approved in the 2010 capital budget in lieu of bonding. The projects and costs are: $13,000 for roof repairs at both the and Centerport beach buildings;  $22,700 for renovation; $42,600 for a surf rake. This resolution is subject to permissive referendum. 


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