School Contracts: Should Seniority Prevail?

As budgets tighten in tough economic times, contracts get more attention.

As school budgets get tighter and districts look for ways meet the state tax cap, some administrators are looking more carefully at employee contracts.

In particular, contracts that set seniority as the key factor in who gets laid off first in tough economic times is getting more scrutiny. In Huntington, an effort to recommend the elimination of the First In, First Out standard met resistance this week. And while Board of Education members insisted that a teacher's salary wouldn't be the determining factor in cutbacks, teachers spoke out against the proposal and it was tabled for now.

What do you think of seniority rules? Should they be the main standard when it comes to cutting jobs? If not seniority, how should districts determine who should stay and who should go? And how should the effectiveness of teachers be judged?

Please tell us in the comments.

SevenSevenSeven August 29, 2012 at 10:10 PM
Yeah, sure, you've been here long enough, you qualify. Give me a break! I get two weeks vacation, and have the pleasure of being an "at will" employee. I don't perform in my job, I get fired. I don't show up, I get fired. My employer doesn't like the way I look, I get fired. So, to your point we should just keep the MOST expensive employee, with the MOST expensive benefits package because 'They have been around for a while". The REAL world doesn't understand your logic. I wish I could have my summer off, maybe become a partime lifegaurd, tutor, run a landscaping business, become a camp counselor, or whatever then completely underperform or just show up when school starts, get paid, have all of my holidays off and NEVER have to worry about being fired because I've been around so long. And we wonder why the United States is the educational laughing stock of the world.
Tre August 30, 2012 at 11:53 AM
Parents should be fillin out a performance based survey every year of their teacher and school faculty. And that should be the determining factor. There are old nasty teacher with tenor who are kept while new fresh teacher with great passion are let go. This is not the education I want for my children. And it should not be salary based it should be based on what the children get out of the year along with the principals review.
Tre August 30, 2012 at 11:55 AM
And not based on state test scores either. Children should be getting the most out of the year. And state test do not know if there year was miserable from an old gag of miserable from a new teacher who hates there job the test only shows how intelligent the child is and as most of us know some children are brilliant and other are not.


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