Whiz Kids: Candlewood, West Hollow Math Olympiad Teams

HHH academic stars shine at county math tournament.

We usually only bestow the honor of "Whiz Kid" upon one outstanding student each week.  But the accomplishments of the and middle schools' Math Olympiad teams call for a major exception. 

The seventh and eighth grade students competed last Wednesday at Brookhaven National Laboratory against other teams from all over Suffolk County in the second Suffolk County Middle School Math Tournament.

Out of a total of 26 teams, both HHH middle schools took two of the top five team awards.  Candlewood's team, coached by Krista West, snagged second place and West Hollow's team, coached by Leona Handelman, took fifth place.  A special congratulations to Brandon Epstein from Candlewood who placed second overall in Suffolk County in the individual event.

So here they are, your count 'em, 10 Whiz Kids of the week:

West Hollow

Ethan Udell – Grade 7

Justin Estreicher – Grade 8

Jaime Dunaisky – Grade 7

David Morales – Grade 7

Victoria Jin – Grade 7


Brandon Epstein - Grade 7

Matthew Bielskas - Grade 8

Erika Fulep - Grade 8

Kory Fitzgerald - Grade 8

Zachary Mollo - Grade 8


Information and photos courtesy of Stacey Udell.


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