Wranglerettes Vying for Votes in MSG Varsity Talent Competition

The HHH dance team is competing against the best group ensembles in the tristate area.

The Half Hollow Hills High School West Wranglerettes are no strangers to competition. Led by their coach of 34 years, the team was named the National Hip Hop Champions at the Disney World Contest of Champions this year. However, the dance group will be scored by a different kind of judge this season: you.

The series premiered on Sunday on MSG Varsity and the Half Hollow Hills team's dance will air on Sunday, April 22 at 8 p.m. Immediately after the show, viewers will log on to the MSG Varsity Talent Show website to vote for their favorite performers.

Unlike their competition, the Wranglerettes choreograph their own dances. They practice in the high school gymnasium without mirrors, which means critiquing is all peer and coach-based.

Visit to vote for the Wranglerettes this weekend: http://www.msgvarsitytalentshow.com/


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