Year in Review: Top 10 School Stories of 2012

In West Islip, 2012 was a year of change.

Administrative Retirements, Mourning Mr. Beuther

This year, the West Islip District said goodbye to Manetuck Principal Mary Anderson, who retired after serving 40 years in the district. Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Lou Zocchia also retired, as well as longtime Administrative Assistant Jeanne Koepper. The district also mourned the loss of English teacher and coach James Beuther, who passed away in April.

Potential BOCES Cuts Spark Concern From Parents

When parents and students learned that some BOCES programs were on the chopping block, they fought to save them. By the time fall arrived, the district said all students who wished to seriously pursue BOCES were able to do so.

Voters Reject Busing Referendum

Residents said no to proposal by school district to save $500,000 in coming year by extending busing milage limits for middle and high school students.

West Islip voters approved a 2.27 tax levy increase for 2012-2013, and re-elected incumbents Steve Gellar and Mike Zotto.  

Schools Reopen After Hurricane Sandy

Due to unprecedented flooding and power outages throughout the area, West Islip Schools remained closed for more than five days following the storm.

Board of Ed Discusses Possible Lease with Atlantic Auto Mall

The West Islip Board of Education presented a tentative plan to lease space at Masera School to Atlantic Auto Mall at the board's monthly meeting in December.

Following a turbulent debate, Westbrook and Kirdahy Schools closed in June. The closures resulted in approximately 45 staff cuts.

New Elementary Boundary Info Hits WI Homes

Parents had a lot to say about the new elementary school boundaries after the closure of Westbrook and Kirdahy.

Letter to the Editor: BOE Decision to Close 2 Schools Made in Haste

One parent expressed her concerns that the Board of Education jumped to the decision to close the two schools. A flurry of feedback from other parents followed.  

Since the schools closed in June, the big question has been: What will fill them? A number of possible tenants were discussed at an Islip Town meeting in September.

pampatriot December 29, 2012 at 02:22 PM
So Wendy what you aren't actually saying is that they LIED. They LIED! Isn't this what is actually going on in the political world all around this country, especially with our media, and our White House? These elected elite are liars of the highest order. They do this because they know that they can get away with it, because no one is ever paying attention (except for people like you) and people are gullible too. They turn on a left leaning or right leaning news outlet and believe everything they hear and see. They are shamefully too distracted by superficial, idiot, reality shows, smut, and other depraved and debased things, or, they are just too gosh darn busy under the weight of making ends in the world we live in today. The truth is that the majority of our elected elite aren't held to any accountability. Too many people feel that the one or two good things some of these corrupt people do can white wash the underhanded, lying, sneaky, evil things they've done. Not with everyone it can't. Always remember one thing though, chickens always come home to roost!
Patch Fan December 29, 2012 at 03:37 PM
I am sorry, you must be mistaking since West Islip doesn't have a Westbrook Elementary. Perhaps you are thinking of something from the past.
pampatriot December 29, 2012 at 03:58 PM
What's wrong with that?
Wendy Regan December 29, 2012 at 05:42 PM
"mistaken"? (is that the word you meant?). You can refresh your memory by scrolling up and looking at the picture that accompanies this article. The Westbrook Elementary School sign is still standing at 350 Higbie Lane as is the school building itself. Our school district and members* of the BOE made a conscious, deliberate choice to withhold the information from the students, teachers and principal who EARNED the award. Shame on all of them! Did they make an error in judgement? Are they sorry? Or are they only sorry they got caught? West Islip may never know as this is clearly another example (in a long list) of errors that are brought to the forefront but are met with silence and the ostrich-like reaction of head burying instead of owning up and taking responsibility for their actions. *In all fairness, I received an email last night implying that a few BOE member knew in June and the rest found out months later when I posted it on Patch.
pampatriot December 29, 2012 at 06:40 PM
"Something from the past" is often a technique paraded out by those who want to AVOID issues. As though since something happened in the past, it's not relevant and longer? I've seen it used quite a bit these days. It's a desperate attempt at trying to delegitimize another persons credible arguments. I know that there are some on the BOE who were left in the dark about this issue, another serious problem. When pertinent information is withheld deliberately, it's a lie.


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