St. Anthony's Football: Reichert Keeps on Winning

St. Anthony's Football Coach Rich Reichert can tie Suffolk career wins leader with championship game victory Friday.


When faces Stepinac for the Friday night at Mitchel Athletic Complex in Uniondale, more than a league title will be on the line.

St. Anthony's Football Coach will also be after career win No. 211. That would tie him with former Bellport icon Joe Cipp Jr. as the winningest coach in Suffolk football history.

Reichert enters the game with a 210-48-3 won-loss record in 25 seasons at the South Huntington Catholic school. That's a remarkable .805 winning percentage. It also translates to 12 CHSFL titles, including a run of nine over the past 10 seasons.

The Friars are 9-0 this season and carry a  – the second-longest in Suffolk history – into the big game. 

While Reichert's resume is complete, he's got a way to go to catch the state wins leaders. The Nassau – and state record – for wins is held by Howie Vogts, who won 364 games at Bethpage before he died on the eve of the 2010 season. The CHSFL mark – good for second in the state  – is held by Vin O'Conner, who has 320 wins and still coaches St. Francis Prep.

Patch.com asked three former players to weigh in on what makes Reichert a winner.

Alex Fletcher, All-Long Island center, 2003: "Coach Reichert has won so many football games over the years because he coached the players harder after we won and instilled confidence in the teams after defeat. When he had multiple straight years winning he was always was concerned that the new players coming into the program would have a sense of entitlement because he knew how far the program had come.

"Film study, workouts and practices became more intense each year. By the time players became seniors they knew the standard and the Reichert 'way' of doing things. When players became seniors he gave the reins to them to lead and uphold the standard that he set a many years ago.

"He prepared all of his players for life after football by being selfless, commitment and most importantly prepared for the task at hand We all had a job to do every play. Nothing more and nothing less. Nobody was ever bigger then the program."

Matt Hahn, All-Long Island running back, 2003: "I think the thing I was most impressed by when it came to Coach Reichert's coaching style was his unique ability to recognize each one of his player's as an individual and adapt his coaching style to each player. There are a lot of coaches that coach one way, and you are either with them or against them. He handled each player differently and was able to help each player maximize there potential.

"Coach Reichert is a master motivator. Coach would not let us slack and always demanded our best effort. He knew the right time to get on us but he also knew the right time to put his arm around us and tell us he loved us." 

, All-Long Island linebacker, 2010: "The difference between Coach Reichert and so many other coaches is how much he cares about not only the player you are, but the person you are. He has always preached getting things done the right way, and that is something that has stuck with me. As a former player for Coach Reichert I can honestly say that the things he taught me created a sense of 'we over me.' At St. Anthony’s you play for something bigger than yourself: you play for everyone that came before you, you play for your families, and most importantly you play for each other.

"Through four years of playing football for Coach Reichert, he developed me into a team-minded player who puts the team before himself. At West Point, we are taught the same sense of brotherhood and togetherness that I first learned during my time as a Friar. The values Coach Reichert instilled in me as a player and a person translate directly to the values I need to be successful at The United States Military Academy, and in the United States Army."

     Reichert's Career

Year Record Playoffs 1987 7-2 CHSFL semifinalist 1988 4-4-1 None 1989 4-5-1 CHSFL finalist: lost to St. Francis Prep, 22-15 1990 5-3-1 CHSFL semifinalist 1991 4-5 CHSFL quarterfinals 1992 3-6 CHSFL quarterfinals 1993 10-1 CHSFL title: beat Farrell, 21-13 1994  10-1 CHSFL title: beat Chaminade, 22-16 1995 11-0 CHSFL title: beat St. Francis Prep, 29-0 1996 9-2 CHSFL finalist: lost to Mount St. Michael, 21-7 1997 6-4 CHSFL finalist: lost to Mount St. Michael, 40-14 1998 7-3 CHSFL semifinalist 1999 9-2 CHSFL finalist: lost to Farrell, 6-0 2000 10-1 CHSFL finalist: lost to Farrell, 24-23 2001 10-1 CHSFL title: beat St. Francis Prep, 28-14 2002 11-0 CHSFL title: beat Chaminade, 34-32 2003 10-1 CHSFL title: beat Farrell, 31-12 2004 10-1 CHSFL title: beat Farrell, 17-14 2005 10-1 CHSFL title: beat Iona Prep, 28-7 2006 11-0 CHSFL title: beat Mount St. Michael, 21-20 2007 10-1 CHSFL title: beat Mount St. Michael, 26-20 2008 9-3 CHSFL finalist: lost to Iona Prep, 48-35 2009 10-1 CHSFL title: beat Holy Trinity, 28-21 2010 11-0 CHSFL title: beat Iona Prep, 41-23  2011 9-0 CHSFL finalist: vs. Stepinac

         Source: Courtesy St. Anthony's Athletic Director Don Buckley.

MIke O'Connell November 18, 2011 at 08:45 PM
In 1991 and 1992 the friars lost in the quarterfinals. 91 to Holy Trinity...92 to Mount Saint Michael.
Jason Molinet November 18, 2011 at 08:50 PM
@Mike Thanks. I'll update the chart.


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