Regulatory Relief the Solution For Growing Small Business

Stephen A. Labate is a financial planner and army veteran who is running for Congress in New York's Third Congressional District

As I travel around the 3rd Congressional District speaking to business owners about what they need in order to grow their business, the number one answer is, “Get the government off our back.”

Truckers are concerned with Department of Transportation mandates and the cost of gasoline, construction companies lack credit from suppliers, and many businesses aren’t hiring full time employees because of the cost of health insurance under Obamacare.

Business owners are tired of the government red tape, regulatory mandates, and crushing taxes, which prevent them from operating in an efficient and cost effective way. As a result, many businesses are shutting their doors, cutting back operations, or laying off employees. Others are packing up and moving to more business friendly states. New York State has lost more than $1.6 million residents in the past decade; the highest loss of any state as a percentage of the total population. With the loss of residents, goes the loss of business, job creation, and economic growth.

For Long Island business owners, the burden of government overregulation will soon increase because of sweeping new IRS regulations. These regulations will force business owners to change the way they account for the cost to repair, maintain, improve, or replace equipment. The new rules will be difficult to administer and will place an increased burden on Long Island businesses.

Many of the government regulations that are strangling American business owners are created by nameless, unelected bureaucrats in government agencies, who are not held accountable for their actions. This needs to change. Unfortunately, my opponent, Congressman Steve Israel is content with the status quo. On July 26, 2012, Congressman Israel voted against a bipartisan anti-regulation bill, which would impose a freeze on new regulations if the unemployment rate exceeds six percent.

As your Representative in Congress I will propose legislation to mandate that each government agency conduct a complete accounting of all regulations they have enacted, so we know to what extent they are negatively impacting job creation across the nation, and here on Long Island. Included in this legislation will be the requirement for Congress to repeal those regulations that are determined to be overly burdensome to small businesses.

Additionally, all new legislation will need to include a detailed analysis of the unintended consequences that could negatively impact the economic growth of areas of the country like Long Island. This means the regulators have to come up with the rules and regulations first and Congress will approve or disapprove them before the legislation is enacted.

By eliminating the stranglehold government overregulation has had on small business, we can once again give business on Long Island, and across the country, the ability to grow, create jobs and stimulate our economy. 

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The Mouve Avenger August 03, 2012 at 03:25 PM
The bill he's talking about had bipartisan support and bipartisan opposition.
John Rennhack August 05, 2012 at 04:23 AM
More pablum from labate offering NO specifics. Exactly which regulations does Labate think are hurting small businesses? Can he provide anything more than empty campaign rhetoric? Of course he can't.
Ranger Sewer August 06, 2012 at 01:05 AM
Mr. John Rennhack sir, If Steve Iseral was friendly to small business, then why did I have to open up shop in PA ? High Taxes are friendly to small business? How are high TAXES friendly to small business? What has Steve Iseral done for Small Business in all his time in Congress? I can not think of anything he has done to support Small Business that mattered to my Small Business. Please tell me what Steve Iseral can do to make small business or even big business STAY ON long island or even in New York ? PA and my local Congressman in PA THANKED ME for opening shop in PA, and asked me what he can do for me to HELP ME get to a point of employing more people. Please tell me what he has done. I just can't think of any. Thank YOU for any help you can give me.
John Rennhack August 06, 2012 at 08:17 AM
I'm not being a wise-ass but exactly what FEDERAL tax affected you in NY that does not apply in PA? Congressman Israel votes on FEDERAL taxes. I'm going to assume the high taxes you are referring to are state, county, town and village taxes. What is the tax difference in PA that the congressman there has power over? As to what Israel has done is make sure that businesses on LI can take full advantage of federal funds allocated to help businesses. HE did pass a bill for tax incentives for small businesses to hire. He's also made a big push to bring manufacturing back. ON national-level tax policy, he supports extending the payroll tax cut. If you are concerned about taxes in NY and LI, that is your state senator, assemblyman, county executive, legislature, and Town Supervisor and Board. If you are in the Town of Oyster Bay, you've seen tax increases of over 47% in just 5 years. And the permit process made more difficult.


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