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BIO: I've been writing since 1995. Started off on scraps of paper scattered in my room and grew into quite an unintended hobby.  When I write, it's almost like a posession, my pieces present randomly in complete forms, start to finish with little editing needed.  I've always kept them personal until I entered a few international competitions and made it all the way to the semi-finals on poetry.com. With that accomplishment, I gained the desire to share my work. I hope to get my collection published and make my contribution to the literary world as a sign of respect to the greats and as a ray of light to the new.  
While I'm not laying down pen to paper in the name of poetry, I'm completing my A+ Certification at New Horizons in Melville, Long Island.  I'm making a career switch while I'm still young from a successful 13 year sales career into IT.  Wish me Luck! Read...enjoy...comment. You can read more of my work at  www.criesofconscience.blogspot.com
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