Jacob Henner
Hey, I'm Jacob Henner!
In 2010, Joshua Shinbrot and I co-founded the National Federation of American Students, a student advocacy organization that currently has chapters accross the United States, and even has chapters at American schools in India. It can be found at http://nfas.org Shortly afterwards, Joshua and I established NFAS's flagship chapter at High School East, which now serves as a district wide advoacy organization, and the district student government. With the help of Anthony Bjelke, Jarret Nassau, Nikki Horowitz, Matthew Sokol, Chelsea Stromfeld, Mary-Cate Bottenus and Nolan Borg, the district-student-government ensures that students continue to have a collective voice accross the district's four secondary schools, Hills East, Hills West, West Hollow and Candlewood.   In my free time, I work with the Hills East Players, serving as Stage Manager, Audio Engineer, Lighting Designer, and many more, throughout by seven year career. I also volunteer at the Fire Department, where I am a Dispatcher, and a probationary EMT.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions!
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