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I worked in several Long Island, New York school districts as a central office administrator, teacher, and school building administrator.  My more than 35 years in education has also included a 16-year-stint as a member of a non-public school board as well as the leadership of a nursery school. 
I am a graduate of Queens College and I earned a master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a doctorate in education from Hofstra University. My doctoral dissertation focused on the importance of caring as a factor in successful schools.  Articles I have written about education, children and families have appeared in the Huffington Post, Newsday's Parents and Children Magazine and the New York Times.  I share insights and expertise on my blog, Your Education Doctor.  I also offer consulting and other professional service to individuals, groups, teachers and school districts.  I assist clients to navigate the complexities of school districts as well as assist district better communicate and serve students and parents.
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