Ms. Jill
Fighter for justice. Equality for all.
The Patch just landed in my lap, possibly an opportunity to share our differences and engage in conversation.
"Ms. Jill" is what I'm called by the people closest to me. Why Ms. Jill I do not know, but it works for me.  Great Neck is my hometown, born and raised. Not sure if my "roots" have been that of a gift or a curse, possibly a little of both, but a blessing in disguise at the same time. The gift of growing up in a small town where everyone for the most part knows everyone and everything if you choose to be the "mayor" of your block. The opportunity to be raised by great parents, and a community to which has helped condition you and assist with making good choices is a blessing. The curse has been making my own decisions even if that meant going against the status quo. Be yourself is my motto and do what works for you. This is how you learn right from wrong, and if you make a mistake be bold enough to admit it, brush yourself off , try not to make the same mistakes twice and keep moving forward. Being misunderstood for having an opinion, and punished for it has been the root of the problem. Fitting in is not my thing, but being the best that you can be will always win. Am I where I thought I would be today, not necessarily, but I'm getting there climbing the treacherous terrain all the way to my victory. Life is about give and take and doing what's right and leaving a legacy of good values, integrity and good character. Even if that means you have to go it alone. Everything else is secondary – okay so I don't have a wall mounted with dozens of degrees, does that make me less than? I do have awards, certificates and certifications, for my hard work including college credits, which I will continue to pursue my degree in the near future. My passion is travel, creative writing, cooking and sports. So much so, that I have a side biz in travel related services as an independent contractor, specializing in special event promotions, leisure vacations and corporate travel, under the auspice of a well known travel company in Manhattan. I love what I do! In my spare time, community minded is where you will find me, giving back some of my time with community service initiatives as an advocate for social responsibility and raising awareness on local and global issues. Whether that be producing educational programs for a local television station, or assisting with a fashion event fundraiser to raise money for a cause close to my heart, or cooking up a treat for a church social function. This is my passion.  
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